Art therapy



Art therapy

Are you dealing with difficult issues in your life? Or is there a theme in your life which returns again and again? Do you suffer from depression, burn-out or have you lost someone? Art therapy may help you deal with difficult feelings.

Art Therapy is a creative, non-verbal therapy. Making sculptures with clay, painting and drawing are techniques which are used in art therapy. The art works that you make give you new insights and may help you to better understand and deal with your personal situation.

Together we will choose which materials and techniques which are best suited for your personal development.

- Jeg taler lidt dansk og vil lære videre på dansk, som jeg følger på et sprogskole. Derfor finder du min hjemmeside tekster på engelsk. Jeg arbejder på at oversætte hele mit websted til engelsk og i sidste ende på dansk.- 

How it works

During the introductory meeting we will have a conversation to get to know more about you and your question for the art therapy.

The first three sessions will be used to create an image; to get to know what is necessary for your theme and for who you are. After these meetings the therapy will start. Mostly a course will consist of more or less 7 - 12 sessions. We will confer what is fitting for you.  Every therapy session takes one hour to one and a half hour.

In the end of this process we will discuss and look back at your development for a good completion of the art therapy. With a new sense and development, you can continue by yourself. 


Why Denmark?

In the Netherlands I missed being outside and my love for animals. So in the spring of 2016 I started searching on the internet and found the documentairy 'Good things await' about the farm from Niels Stokholm. Right away I was touched in my heart when I saw the images and heard Niels speak. I decided to visit the farm for two weeks (May 2016), went back again (summer 2016) and decided stop my work and life in the Netherlands for some months Denmark (oktober 2016) to make space for this good feeling I felt at Thorshøjgaard.

The good feeling became even more (I felt in love...) and in the start of 2017 I decided to stay in Denmark.

Now I live in the little red house on the farm, still work at the farm and I work as a art therapist at home.

Så du er velkommen!


'Art doesn't show what is visible, 

art makes the invisible visible.' 


Paul Klee

Member of the 'Nederlandse vereniging voor kunstzinnige therapieën' 

AGB-code (praktijk): 90-048324

AGB-code: (M.F. de Bruijn): 90-56887

Kvk nr: 58353607